What Makes The Owlet Smart Baby Sock Monitor So Smart?

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No monitoring device out there can actually prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) but there are devices out there which can help alert parents when their baby is suffocating. Being a mom, I know the anxiety of creeping into baby’s bedroom to check if they are still breathing and nine times out of ten it would result in me waking the little one up… and I do this even though I have a baby monitor installed.

So what is different about the Owlet compared to other baby monitoring devices?

  1. The Owlet, which is basically a very smart baby sock, uses the same non-invasive technology which hospitals use to check heart rate and oxygen saturation. A small light shines through the skin and the amount of blood flow and oxygen levels are estimated based on how much light is transmitted to the sensor. This technology is known as pulse oximetry which has been around for decades.
  2. The Owlet is a smartphone compatible baby monitor which is also designed to function independently of an Apple device, so even if your phone battery dies or your internet goes out, the base station will still alert you if your baby stops breathing.
  3. The base Station will also upload your infant’s heart rate and oxygen levels to the cloud. You, and anyone with permission, can view your baby’s levels from anywhere in your home, Grandparents house, or even the office.
  4. Owlet will alert if your child’s heart rate dips below 60 beats per minute, rises above 220 beats per minute or if their oxygen level drops below 80%.
  5. The sock is hypoallergenic, wireless and all the electronic components are housed in a resistant silicone case which ensures that nobody gets electrocuted.
  6. The battery on the smart sock lasts up to two days and it even sends you notifications when it’s running low.

what is different about the Owlet compared to other baby monitoring devices

Remember though that the Owlet, or any other monitoring device for that matter, is not a medical device but rather for health and wellness purposes which offer parents some peace of mind.

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