NY Mother Charged With Murder In Beheading Death Of Child

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A western New York woman has been charged with second-degree murder in the horrific beheading death of her 7-year-old son on Thursday evening, the Monroe County Sheriff’s department has reported.

Hanane Mouhib, 36, who lives in the town of Sweden, New York, is a licensed nurse practitioner who specializes in mental health, and reportedly worked for the Rochester Regional Health facility from January 2016 to January 2017.

On Thursday evening, at her home, she took a large kitchen knife and chopped off the head of her own son, 7-year-old Abraham Cardenas, who was a first-grade student at Barclay Elementary School within the Brockport Central School District.

Her husband, John Cardenas, her mother-in-law and her 10-year-old son were also in the home at the time of the slaying, but were not injured.

They called 911, and police arrived to find the horrible scene.

Mouhib is now being held in the Monroe County Jail without any bail.

Monroe County Sheriff’s officials just held a new briefing on the horrific slaying Friday afternoon. (

“There’s absolutely no explanation for us,” Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said. “The word ‘evil’ comes to mind…this is a mother who took her son’s life.”

The Democrat & Chronicle reported:

Baxter said deputies arrived to find “an extreme, horrific crime scene,” inside 5499 S. Lake Road (Route 19) in Sweden.Investigators said that Mouhib used a large-bladed kitchen knife to stab the victim in the upper left area of the back and in his neck, causing the victim’s head to become severed from his body.
Baxter said when deputies arrived at the home, within minutes of the slaying, Mouhib was armed with a knife and repeatedly refused to drop the blade when directed to do so by deputies. Deputies used both pepper spray and a Taser to disarm and apprehend her.
The woman had called 911 twice in March, Sheriff Baxter said. On March 5, she called in, saying she was having mental issues and they took her to the hospital. Three days later, she called again, and was taken to the Rochester General Hospital, where she was treated from March 8 to March 26.

Mouhib pleaded not guilty to the murder charge at her 8 a.m. arraignment. She is scheduled to return to Sweden Town Court on April 11, but the case will be presented to a Monroe County grand jury before that occurs, according to Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley. Sara VanStrydonck, the chief of the office’s Child Abuse Bureau, will prosecute the case, she said.

Hanane Mouhib worked for Rochester Regional Health from Jan 2016 – Jan 2017 which is when she left the hospital system https://t.co/DnFwGV3z0a
— Stephanie Robusto (@WHEC_SRobusto) April 6, 2018

Hanane Mouhib is charged in the murder of 7 year old Abraham Cardenas- after she allegedly stabbed the little boy with a kitchen knife pic.twitter.com/zqkUfhQjt9
— Stephanie Robusto (@WHEC_SRobusto) April 6, 2018

I’m going to the office where Hanane Mouhib – accused of murdering a 7 year old – ran a counseling business. It lasted less than a year. We’re trying to learn more about who she is and what happened leading up to last night @news10nbc
— Berkeley Brean (@whec_bbrean) April 6, 2018

In August of 2017, Hanane Mouhib filed a “Doing Business As” for “Comprehensive Psychiatric Care of NY” but it never actually existed. She interviewed for a job at the counseling center here but never followed through. @news10nbc pic.twitter.com/hQEBadaxUh
— Berkeley Brean (@whec_bbrean) April 6, 2018

UPDATE: Hanane Mouhib identified as mother of Abraham Cardenas, boy killed in Sweden home pic.twitter.com/taPyJIg2eP
— 13WHAM (@13WHAM) April 6, 2018

JUST IN: Paperwork shows 36-year-old Hanane Mouhib has been charged with second degree murder of a young boy. Deputies say Mouhib cut the boy’s head off after stabbing him. It happened in Sweden at this home. pic.twitter.com/yYPzJiT1bb
— Kaci Jones (@WHEC_kjones) April 6, 2018

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