Viral: Class Gathers at Flagpole to Pray, But Then I Learned What This 2-Year-Old Was Praying For

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Her teachers say…

Viral: Class Gathers at Flagpole to Pray, But Then I Learned What This 2-Year-Old Was Praying for

When a person is in need of prayer, depends upon the urgency of their need, they sometimes petition friends they consider prayer warriors to help making certain that their message gets where it needs to go. Some pray far more eloquently than others.

There are some who prefer to pray in silence. They understand God can hear thoughts just as well as words. Others believe more in letting their voices be heard, letting their prayers ring off the rafters. There is nothing private about their heavenly requests.

In certain cultures, it is customary or even required to pray in public so everyone can make sure you’re doing it right. Though praying in public is not required in America, or with any of Christian faith, “See You at the Pole” was created for students who had no fear of putting their religious beliefs on public display.
It was also developed so those students participating in praying around their school’s flagpole could serve as an example to others. The movement was started in 1990 by a youth group from Texas.

Since that time it has grown to over 3 million active participants. The group has helped launch student ministries and on-campus Bible study groups.
Alpine Christian Academy, located in East Texas, actively ushers their students to the flagpole to let them pray for whatever was on their minds at the time. The students pray in silence.
Facial expressions are often tell-tale signs of what a person might be thinking. If they are thinking stressful thoughts, the lines on their face may appear more prominent and their lips might be pursed.

A little girl at the Christian Academy, a 2-year-old preschooler named Cameron Gillespie, was very fervent with her prayers while standing at the flagpole, hands intertwined. The expressions on her tiny face say it all. Her teacher said she had always prays this way. When Cameron was asked what she prays about, she said friends, family, and our country.
This is one little girl who does not take her conversations with God lightly. I would imagine one day in the future, Cameron just might be called upon when someone is in need of a true prayer warrior.

The mother was horrified to find numerous…

Viral: Grandma Grabs Baby Bottle But Breast Milk Looks ‘Dark.’ Sees Green Ring at Bottom and Knows

We are nothing without the foundation of family. Being part of a family make people truly rich.

It is the trust in being able to rely on family that can get you out of trouble when you desperately needed help, even without you having to ask for help. An intuitive mother, who had to contend with her daughter’s unspeakable planning, came through as a grandmother and saved the life of her innocent 11-week-old granddaughter.

Nineteen-year-old Sara Rodriguez-Miranda’s mother is a loving family woman from Fort Wayne, Indiana, who has always been welcoming with her family’s needs. Sometime before January 2017, Rodriguez-Miranda’s mother allowed her son, his fiancée, and their 11-week-old daughter — her granddaughter — to stay at her place.

After Rodriguez-Miranda’s mother welcomed her son and his extended family into her home, but after a while, she allowed them to stay longer. Rodriguez-Miranda harbored intense resentment against her brother and his family due to their presence, which her mother probably picked up on.

In January 2017, Rodriguez-Miranda’s mother, perhaps relying on her very own maternal instincts, sensed that something was very wrong in her home. She went through her daughter’s cell phone and found text messages that shocked her to her core.

Rodriguez-Miranda had sent text messages to her boyfriend detailing their attempts to poison and kill her 11-month-old niece. Her mother, looking through her text messages with her boyfriend, found sinister messages like, “Why didn’t that baby die.”, ”… tbh I hope she dies… I don’t feel bad about it …”

Looking through all of the text messages, the mother came across a cell phone photo of a mortar and pestle that contained the residue of a crushed, white powdery substance. She took screenshot photos of the text messages and pics as evidence and went to her refrigerator.

The breastmilk for the 11-week-old baby was kept in the fridge in two bottles, a tall one and a shorter one. Rodriguez-Miranda’s mother noticed that the milk in the taller bottle had darker color and a circular, greenish-colored tinge at the bottom of it.

On Jan. 12, 2017, Rodriguez-Miranda’s mother took the 11-week-old baby to get medically checked out and learned that the baby was healthy. After ensuring the safety of her granddaughter, she turned over her screenshots of her daughter’s texts and photos and the mortar and pestle over to the police.

Toxicology analysis would later find that the mortar and pestle were used to crush nine Excedrin pills, which Rodriguez-Miranda had used to poisoned the breast milk bottle. Such an amount is enough to kill a full-size adult and confirmed Rodriguez-Miranda’s attempt to kill her newborn niece.

After her murder plot was revealed by her mother, Rodriguez-Miranda disappeared and had been a fugitive from police for almost a year. On Sept. 28, 2017, She was found by police in Bay City, Michigan, and charged with attempted murder.

It is a tragic story where a mother and grandmother, in her valiant effort to protect her 11-week-old granddaughter, had to turn in her own daughter. Yet, the grandmother is a hero, who did all she could in the name of family to save her grandchild.

German police released images of a four-year-old girl after seeing her in a child porn video on the ‘dark net’ in an effort to find the child who very likely to still being abused. Police in Germany are appealing for help in tracing a young girl after she was seen being abused in child pornography videos.

BREAKING NEWS: German police release images of girl abused in videos

National investigators from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) have joined force with the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT) and the Prosecutors Office of Frankfurt and Main in searching for the child, who seem to be between four and five years old.

Police said the videos and images were first discovered in July, and they believe the exploitation must had began in October last year.

BKA investigators said that despite an extensive search, they have not identified any suspects in the case. Since they have exhausted all leads, they have released her images in a desperate attempt to find her. She is described as having blonde – or dark blonde – hair and with brown eyes. The girl speaks German and appeared having a slim build.

Those with any information on the young girl are asked to get in touch with police through the BKA website.

A group of volunteers searching for a missing 2-week-old baby in Newton County, Georgia, discovered the body of a tiny, lifeless baby inside a bag, in a wooded area close to the parents’ home.

BREAKING: Newborn Baby Who Disappeared Under ‘Suspicious Circumstances’ Found Dead In Woods

WSB-TV reports that family members believe that the body of the infant is Caliyah McNabb, a baby girl who disappeared from her family’s home on October 7. The family reported they were feeding the baby at 5 a.m., then checking on her again at 10 a.m., when they discovered her missing.

Authorities are currently looking for the baby’s father, Christopher Michael McNabb. Although they aren’t calling him a suspect yet, he reportedly fled after the baby’s body was found. The baby’s mother, Courtney Bell, voluntarily went to the sheriff’s office for questioning.

CrimeOnline spoke exclusively with a friend of the family, who is still kept anonymous. They said that the family claimed they fed baby Caliyah at around 5 a.m. in the morning, then went back to sleep. When they checked on her again between 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m., Caliyah was gone. Another child in the home, a 2-year-old little girl, was safe, sleeping in her room.

Authorities brought in search canites, and were able to follow Caliyah’s scent for about a mile before losing the trail. Without much to go on, authorities were hoping the public can offer assistance. According to Capt. Keith Crun with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, there were no suspects or persons of interest at this time.

Anyone with any information should contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Office at 678-625-1400.

The Orlando Police Department reported that a wheelchair-bound man was arrested for raping a baby in the bathroom of a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

TRAGIC NEWS: Police: Baby Found Being Raped In Chick-fil-A’s Bathroom

The suspect, David Gray was in a wheelchair but police made him walk to the squad car during his arrest Friday. Gray, who apparently works at a home daycare, was reportedly caught by another customer assaulting a female child.

The witness told police he found something was off when he went to use the bathroom at the restaurant. He noticed there was some sort of activity in one of the stalls. According to a police report, the man flushed a toilet in an attempt to alert the person in the stall of his presence.

The person in the stall, later identified as Gray, looked under the partition of the stall and apparently seemed panicked, according to the witness. He became concerned and tried to look over the partition. That’s when he saw Gray was assaulting a baby.

The man said he tried to stop Gray as he was trying to escape the restroom. Gray allegedly pulled out a stun gun and threatened him. Fearing for his own safety, the witness had to allow Gray to pass but immediately allerted the police.

An employee at the restaurant told the police that Gray was a regular customer and was always accompanied by a woman and children. The employee said Gray would sometimes take children into the restroom with him.

Gray was charged with sexual battery on a child and lewd and lascivious battery.

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