NEWS: Oklahoma Mom Who Spent Hours in Nail Salon While 5-Month-Old Baby Died in Hot SUV Sentenced to Prison

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An Oklahoma mother has reportedly been convicted of felony child neglect for leaving her 5-month-old baby girl in a hot vehicle for over two hours while she got her nails done.

NEWS: Oklahoma Mom Who Spent Hours in Nail Salon While 5-Month-Old Baby Died in Hot SUV Sentenced to Prison

Adele Gonzales, 37, claims she didn’t know her now-deceased baby was in her SUV on Aug. 29, 2015, when she and her teenage daughter sat in the air-conditioned nail salon, The Oklahoman reported.

Her baby, Ashanti Hunt, was pronounced dead at a hospital later that afternoon after coming in unresponsive and “very hot” to the touch, according to the Associated Press. Emergency responders in Del City said the baby’s core body temperature reached 100 degrees, causing her death.

Gonzales — who is also a mother to three other children — was convicted Thursday by an Oklahoma County jury and sentenced to 18 months in prison, The Oklahoman reported. She had faced life in prison.

During the trial, Gonzales testified that it was her then 16-year-old daughter Atavia Robinson who put Ashanti in the car, The Oklahoman reported. Robinson had allegedly asked Gonzales if they were bringing the baby with them to the salon while her mother was talking on the phone, interpreting a nod to mean “Yes.” She then placed the baby in the car, behind the driver’s seat. Gonzales said she left the house assuming the baby was in another room.

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Robinson, now 18, told jurors she had forgot she put Ashanti in the vehicle, The Oklahoman reported. The infant was asleep, she claimed, and not making any noise. It was only after the returned home from the salon that their realized the baby was in the vehicle, prosecutors said.

Prior to her testimony, she had told police she brought the baby into the nail salon and left the child in the air-conditioned car for about 20 minutes when she came home, The Oklahoman reported. She later admitted she lied, prosecutors said.

Defense attorney Perry Hudson argued Gonzales was distracted when she was asked about bringing Ashanti by Robinson, The Oklahoman reported, and that Robinson forgot about the baby in the excitement to get her nails done. But prosecutors slammed the mother for leaving the house “knowing she never laid eyes on her child” and didn’t check in with her three younger children — all girls under the age of 12 — who were at the house while she was at the salon.

After the sentencing, Hudson consoled Gonzales’ family outside the courtroom, telling The Oklahoman he was “terribly disappointed” by the jury’s decision for a crime he claimed in court was a “tragic accident, not a crime.”

Assistant District Attorney Lori McConnell argued in her closing argument’s that Ashanti’s death was “a tragedy” that that jurors shouldn’t “confuse that with an accident.”

HEARTBREAKING: ‘Something Must Have Snapped’: Man Kills Wfe, Toddler Boy And Infant Girl: Police

Tennessee authorities arrested a man after three people, including a woman and her two small children, were found dead in their north Clarksville home on Thursday morning.

Clarksville Now reports that Jordan Hazel, 27, was arrested and booked into the Montgomery County Jail on three counts of homicide. He remains behind bars without bond at this time.

According to a police report, authorities were called to a home off of the 200 block of Mills Drive. They arrived to the residence at around 10:40 a.m. on Thursday and found a woman and two small children deceased from gunshot wounds. The victims were identified as Keara Hazel, 23, Kayden Hazel, 3, and Jaylynn Hazel, 9 months.

On Thursday afternoon, Cindy Soliz, the suspect’s mother, found out that her two grandchildren and daugher-in-law had been killed. When she found out her own son allegedly murdered his family, she claimed that he must have “snapped,” according to The Leaf-Chronicle.

“Something must have snapped in Jordan because he loved his kids and he loved his wife. They were loving. They were the best kids, the happiest babies, and Jordan was the best daddy.”

Soliz hasn’t spoken to her son yet, and stated she didn’t know what would have caused him to snap.

Neighbors heard a woman screaming from the home and rushed over to help. The spotted Jordan Hazel and held him down until police arrived. According to the police warrant, Jordan Hazel admitted to police that he shot and killed his family.

So far, the motive still remains unclear. Soliz reiterated that her son was a good father that provided for his family and frequently bought his wife flowers.

In the meantime, loved ones of the victims set up a fundraiser to help with funeral expenses. Donations should be made to the “Keara Hazel Children’ Burial Fund” and deposited at any F&M bank branch.

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