Newborn Girl Found Inside Church Toilet

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A newborn girl was found inside a cubicle in the comfort room of the Miag-ao church in Iloilo on Monday morning.

Rogelio Napawid, who works for the church, said that two girls told him that they saw the baby upon entering the toilet.

The church’s personnel called the police, the municipal social welfare and development office and health personnel from the town’s clinic.

The baby girl was immediately brought to the clinic and was tested to check if she has infections.

Results are all normal, according to the attending physician Dr. Rhea Palmos.

Palmos believes the baby was delivered at home as the baby has no umbilical clamp. She also believes the baby was born a day or 2 before she was found. The baby weighed 2 kilograms, which was quite small for a newborn, the Doctor said.

Rosalinda Mueda, the head of the local social welfare office, said a case study will be made to certify that indeed the baby is a foundling.

Once declared a foundling, she can be available for adoption. For the meantime, the baby will temporarily stay in the clinic for more observations.

The clinic’s personnel volunteered to help in providing the needs of the baby.

There are currently no leads as to who abandoned the baby, as the toilet is open for public use.

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