Newborn Found Alive, Buried In The Woods

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Becoming a Mom is a rewarding and joyful experience for most but sadly, this is not always the case.

Many new mothers take some extreme measures after giving birth.

One day, Denis Saranzev, a security guard, was doing his regular rounds when he heard a strange sound. He thought he heard a baby crying in the woods and decided to see if what he heard was actually true.

As he followed the sound, it led him to a ditch. Between the mud and trash, he noticed a arm sticking out.

He moved the dirt out of the way and saw what appeared to be a tied-up plastic bag. He opened the bag and discovered a little baby girl inside.

Based on the size of the baby, he guessed she was only a few days old.


The infant was covered in mud, dirt as well as insects and ants. Ants were literally eating off her eyes and more ants creeping into her ears.

She was taken to the hospital and Denis contacted the police, asking them to meet him there, reports.

Ants had made their way deep into the baby’s ear canals and her eyes were full of puss. When at the hospital, Doctors estimated the baby’s age to be roughly 5 days and her survival was seen as a miracle.

She was named Kristina.

It wasn’t long before the police found out who Kristina’s biological mother was – 22-year-old Olesja.

Olesja was arrested and she alleged that she had been abused and raped but when the police asked for more details about the abuse, she broke down and told them the truth.

Olesja reportedly did not want to keep the child and had left her in the woods to die.

Eventually, the police also located the baby’s Father, Andrej who had a brief relationship with Olesja. Their relationship ended when she fell pregnant and told him she would abort the child. That’s the last he had heard anything from her.

A DNA test confirmed that Kristina was indeed Andrej’s daughter and he didn’t think twice about taking her home with him and his wife, Tatyana, who had no objections to an addition to their little family.

Olesja was given a mere 2-year conditional sentence, which many thought was a short time for the crime commited.

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