New Report Says 95% of Tested Baby Food in the US Contains Toxic Metals

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Now this is shocking news!

An investigation into baby food in the United States has found that some of the leading baby food brands contain toxic metals.

Healthy Babies Bright Futures published the results, who also conducted the report (pdf) in partnership with a number of groups including the Learning Disabilities Association of America and the Campaign for Healthier Solutions.

They tested 168 baby foods and found toxic heavy metals in 95% of all containers tested.

25% of  foods tested contained all four of the metals that the lab tested for—arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.

The tested products were from stores across the nation.

Rice dishes were found to be the most toxic of all, with arsenic being the primary toxic metal of concern. Whole milk, white and brown rice, and apple juice followed.

Infant formula was next, which is the primary toxic metal of concern being lead.

The report authors advise parents to avoid puffs and other snacks that are made with rice flour and switch to alternatives that are rich in nutrients and low in metals, such as apples, unsweetened applesauce, barley with diced vegetables, as well as grapes cut in half.

Teething biscuits, rice rusks, infant rice cereals, and fruit juices should also be avoided they say.

Instead of juice, children can be given tap water or whole or pureed fruits the researchers suggest.

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