This Mothers Viral ‘Toddler Takeout’ Hack Has Completely Tricked Her Picky Eater

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The Parents of picker eaters know that mealtime can sometimes feel like a torture session when your little ones refuse to even taste anything other than their go-to meal.

Trying to expand their palate and get them to try some other healthy options — let alone easily get through a meal — is pretty much like mission impossible.

This leaves many moms and dads exhausted and ready to give up on their vision of a happy family dinner or willing to try any hack that other parents swear by.

That’s exactly why one mom’s pretty clever solution to get her particular toddler to eat what she put in front of him — without a fight — is going viral.

To help make dinnertime a bit easier with her 22-month-old, Terri Munro came up with the smart idea to serve his food in take-out boxes to make it seem like she was giving him something special.

The Mother from England shared her hack in the Motherload Facebook group and explained that her hack completely tricked baby George into thinking he was eating a treat instead of something Mom made at home.

 “It was such a success I may have to put his milk in a coke bottle now!” Munro joked.

The smart mom shared with the Motherload’s blog that she came up with the idea to serve her picky eater’s food in a restaurant box after George saw his aunt eating from one and wanted to try it.

“I thought a healthier and cheaper way would be to buy or make the pizza and stick it in a pizza box and it works a treat!” she said. “We plan on using carrot sticks in the fries box, making healthier food fun to eat. At the end of the day, getting George to eat sometimes is hard work, so anything we can try that makes that process easier is worth a try!”

Other parents online were blown away by her simple yet genius solution. “You deserve a gold star, can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before,” one mom commented.

“Genius! I’m going to try similar with the plastic tubs from the Chinese takeaway!” another said.

Munro found the new pizza boxes on eBay and kept them out of sight so George was completely duped when it came time to try it.

While you might not want to use it for every meal and chance teaching your toddler to only get excited about eating out, parents are loving this idea for the occasional trick!

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