A Mothers Gift For Her Daughter’s 18th Birthday Will Inspire You To Start Working On One!

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A Mothers thoughtful gift for her daughter’s 18th birthday will inspire you to start working on one!

Moms aren’t always perfect, but they do usually love their kids a ton.

Twitter user @tthytran (whose profile name is Thyyy) received physical evidence of just how much her Mother adored her on her 18th birthday.

The teen posted a picture of that birthday gift and it’s making the internet cry happy tears.

The gift is basically a book in which her mother’s been chronicling all of her milestones, from her first tooth to her first job.

She tweeted a number of pictures of the scrapbook, which is apparently written in Vietnamese.

It begins with her birth (an appropriate place to start).

Her mom had been keeping track of all her accomplishments throughout the years.

How sweet is this?

The gift got a lot of attention on Twitter, with people loving the cuteness of it.

A few people chimed in to say that their moms’ handwriting looked just the same.

What a great idea!

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