Mother Warns Parents About Flu Shots After Baby Dies in Her Sleep

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A Mother in the UK is warning other parents after the death of her 1-year-old daughter, Lulabelle.

The baby girl died in her sleep due to respiratory issues caused by early flu onset this January.

Joelle Hughes wants to share her story because she believes her baby’s death could have been prevented. She wants other parents to make sure they get their child a flu vaccine.

We finally have the answers behind Lulabelle’s death,” Hughes said in a post to Facebook. “I’m relieved, but also devastated that something so simple can easily be prevented, which is exactly why I feel this is vital to share with all of you guys on my Facebook.”

Hughes shared the results of Lulabelle’s postmortem report, which came back showing that she had influenza. “She went to bed with no symptoms of any illness so it would have been the very beginning of the flu,” she noted. “It’s likely she developed respiratory problems while she slept. Please, I beg people when the Winter months come, go to your [doctor] and book your children in for the flu vaccine! Lula’s tiny body just couldn’t cope and resulted in her being taken from us far too early.”

The heartbroken mom added an edit to her original post with further information about the flu shot for babies, specifically in the UK. “If your child is under 2 they will not give your baby the flu nasal spray, you have to go private and pay for the flu injection. So everyone with babies please look into having this done!!”

In the US, the CDC recommends that every person 6 months of age and older get a seasonal flu vaccine, and if they’re younger than 6 months, they should not be around unvaccinated individuals, only to be safe.

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