Mother Told To Find Private Room While Breastfeeding In Church

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Annie Peguero tried to soothe her agitated 19-month-old baby girl in church, by nursing her, but her efforts to calm her baby caused a stir in the sanctuary of Summit Church in Springfield.

A woman asked the mother to move to a private room, she said. Peguero declined and was then told that the church does not allow breastfeeding without a cover because it could make men, teenagers or new churchgoers feel “uncomfortable,” she said. A woman told her the sermon was being live-streamed and that she would not want Peguero to be seen breastfeeding.

The Mom of 2 left her seat in the back of the church and fled, embarrassed and in shock. The next day, she posted her own livestream video on Facebook telling viewers what happened and urging women to stand up for breastfeeding. She also happened to be breastfeeding while on camera.

I want you to know that breastfeeding is normal,” she said.

The legislature passed a 2015 law that says women have a right to breastfeed anywhere they have a legal right to be and Now Peguero, and an attorney, are pressing church leaders to issue a statement and reverse their policy.

“I feel like my rights as a mom have been violated,” Peguero said.

Church officials did not immediately respond to any media requests for comment but attorney Rebecca Geller said on Wednesday that she got a call from executive pastor Tony Trayers after repeated calls to Summit Church. She was told that the church was not aware of the law and would look into it.

“I have breastfed in a few different countries. I have breastfed all over the place,” Peguero said. “No one has ever said anything to me.”

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