After Her Mother Suffered 3 Miscarriages, 8 Year Old Helps Deliver Her Baby Sister

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At 3 years of age, Brooke heard the words “you’re going to be a big sister!” for the first time.

Sadly, her mom, Kelsey Davis, suffered a miscarriage shortly after, and Brooke was heartbroken. Over the next few years, Kelsey sadly had another two miscarriages, which Kelsey and Brooke’s dad decided not to share with her for fear of breaking her heart all over again.

Then, in 2015, Kelsey found out she was pregnant again, finally telling a then 6-year-old Brooke that they were expecting a baby girl on Christmas Day.

And although she made her family wait a bit longer, rainbow baby Ellie was born on Jan. 3, 2016, and Brooke, who was in the room for her birth, immediately bonded with her little sister.

Then lets fast forward another two years almost to the day, and an 8-year-old Brooke would be in the delivery room with her Mother again, not only to witness, but to help deliver another little sister: Summer Tatum.

“Toward the ends of my pregnancy, Brooke brought up being in the room again while I labored and while Summer was born,” Kelsey told Love What Matters. “I had a great idea that she could not only be there, but would be able to cut the umbilical cord! She liked the idea and at my next appointment I brought it up to my midwife. She said Brooke could even help deliver and catch the baby! The smile that drew up on Brooke’s face was pure excitement! I prepped Brooke by explaining the positioning, where she could place her hands, that the baby will be slippery and that there will be a lot of blood, but that it is all normal.”

Summer, who was also expected to be born on Christmas Day, followed in her big sister Ellie’s footsteps, going past her due date and leading to Kelsey having to be induced.

Through a 36-hour labor, Brooke supported her Mother by giving massages, rubbing her head, and dancing with her to the sound of the baby’s heartbeat.

“When it came time for me to push, it all happened very quickly!” Kelsey said. “Brooke stood next to her dad by my feet, watching in pure happiness and amazement! You can see the overwhelming love in her face. She touched the baby’s head as she was crowning and giggled a little. The midwife and nurses were telling Brooke just how brave she was for doing this. I pushed two times and the baby’s head popped out. Brooke prepared by putting her hands with her dads to help catch her newest baby sister, and about one minute after her head came out, so did her sweet little body. Brooke melted!”

Kelsey says that seeing her daughters reaction was the most memorable part of the whole experience.      “[Brooke] loves that she was there when her sisters were born!” Kelsey says “I think what she enjoyed most literally was the moment Summer was born. You can see how powerful her emotions were in the very moments she was born! She just loved it!”

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