A Mother Shares Her Daughter’s ‘Extreme’ Punishment For Bullying On Facebook

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A mother’s post on the punishment she’s given her daughter for bullying has gone viral.

The Mother is being praised and slammed for punishing her daughter – and for sharing her methods of discipline on social media.

Amanda Mitchell shared to Facebook what she did after her 9-year-old daughter acted “like an asshole” in school.

I get a call from her teacher on Friday explaining how Hannah has been acting up all week in class, for substitutes and in other classes. At least two days in a row has been found wandering the halls during lunch when she is required to remain with her class,” Mitchell wrote. 

Was picking on one of her best friends and really hurt the little one’s feelings. Lying to other teachers about her own (AMAZING) teacher. And generally just acting like an asshole.

Along with the caption, she posted 3 pictures on Facebook of her daughter’s room that she emptied completely, except for the girl’s bed and a single change of clothing for the week. 

The post has been removed/made private after it went viral.

Welcome to Mommy’s Juvenile Detention little girl. She will wear the same outfit (complete with her anti-bullying shirt) all week,” Mitchell wrote.

The Mom of two also punished her child by making her write phrases like “I will not lie,” “I will behave at school,” and “I will be kind to everyone” 50 times each.

Mitchell said that she initially posted the photos to share with mom friends, according to Huffington Post, but she never anticipated the overwhelming response that her post received. 

Many commenters praised the mother for taking action in disciplining her daughter.

That’s good parenting right there!! This generation of children get away with too much! Good for you mommy!” read one commenter.

Another wrote, “This is parenting at its finest. Way to go Mom! You’ve restored my faith in parenting!”

But on the other hand, some people who commented felt the punishment was extreme. “Wow. I really feel that this is extreme … How old is your child? I feel that taking away toys, electronics etc. But making your child wear the same outfit to school for a week and stripping her entire room is a bit overboard,” wrote one person.

In the original post, Mitchell wrote, “Harsh? Not in my opinion. If she grows up to break the law then the result is jail and that’s not what I want for my children. I think the problem with this generation is inadequate punishment. Punishment is bad, we should only use positive reinforcement and ignore all bad behaviour — NOT in this house.”

Do you think this mom’s punishment fair or too much?

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