Mother Rushes Toddler To ER After Spending Time With Grandma

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When most of us drop our kids off at Grandma’s, we expect that they’ll have a day doing fun things like puzzles and trips to the park and maybe even lunch out. But for one woman, her son’s trip to his grandma’s house almost turned deadly.

She was arrested after the Mom of the child brought him to the hospital suspecting he had been poisoned.

A toddler has been treated in hospital and his Gran charged after the 15-month-old was found to be suffering from a methadone overdose.

The Mom of the child noticed that her son appeared lethargic shortly after she picked him up from the grandmother’s house, and had been exhibiting signs of poisoning.

The Mother immediately took her son to the emergency room for treatment, according to WTOP News.

According to the news site, the kid was initially treated at Calvert Memorial Hospital with several doses of Naloxone, a drug used to block or reverse the effects of opioid medication and is used to treat a narcotic overdose in an emergency situation.

After being transferred to Georgetown University Medical Center, staff were able to determine that the boy had suffered a methadone overdose.

After it was confirmed by medical authorities that the child had suffered from the methadone overdose, he was treated and monitored for cardiac and respiratory issues.

The medical staff then listed the child in critical / acute status, according to CBS.

Authorities discovered that the child’s grandmother, 55-year-old Judith Anne Badrian Tetreault, had been watching the child prior to his hospitalization.

An investigation in to Tetrault and the fact that the boy was at her home just before his symptoms appeared, then led to her arrest.

Tetreault is currently being held at the Calvert County Detention Center on no bond and has been charged with first and second-degree child abuse, attempted poisoning, first-degree assault, neglect of a minor, and distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, according to CBS Baltimore.

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