Mother-To-Be Receives Gift Of No ‘Thank You’ Notes Which Sparks Debate Online

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Sending a “thank you” note if you receive a gift is a nice gesture. It’s polite, graceful, and can also be time-consuming in the case of weddings or baby showers.

So a guest at a baby shower decided to “gift” the expectant mom-to-be with a “no thank you card” rule.

And this has sparked a heated debate online.

Laura Turner, 32, a San Francisco-based writer said on Twitter that one of her shower guests gifted her with the ultimate prize — not writing “thank you” cards for the gifts that she’d received.

At my baby shower yesterday, a woman said, before I started opening gifts, ‘Can we give you the gift of no thank-you notes?’ And everyone gasped and I DIED and now I’m going to be that lady at every shower I go to,” Turner, who is expecting her first child in June wrote. 

The sentiment came from her mother’s friend who attended the shower, 52-year-old Amy Arnold.

Turner told ABC News that at first “everyone was kind of stunned. Pretty quickly it turned from a sense of surprise, to a sense of excitement at this new and relieving idea.”

Of course, a handwritten note of gratitude is really nice to receive. I know I really appreciate it when I get one.

But if someone tells you, in fact, gifts you, not to do one, you take it seriously I suppose? 

Mothers and mothers-to be have enough things to worry about and prepare. And So if you get the opportunity to get some downtime, take it! 

It’s ok to give yourself a break!

It seems that the people of Twitter had very strong opinions about the matter.

If someone tells you not to send one, don’t. It will all be okay” says Turner.

“While I like writing thank you notes, to remove the obligation felt like such a relief to me.”

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