A Mother Loses All Her Limbs Days After Giving Birth

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A mother gave birth to her newborn baby – days afterward… she lost all of her limbs.

According to the New York Post,  the 33-year-old Lindsey Hubley from Canada returned to IWK Health Center four days after giving birth.

Eventually, it was discovered that Hubley was battling a flesh-eating disease, CTV News said, but doctors initially blamed the stomach ache on constipation.

The 33-year-old Mom was sent home but did return to the hospital yet again. This time, she was rushed into emergency surgery and diagnosed with a condition called necrotizing fasciitis.

Hubley lost her arms and legs as a result of multiple surgeries to save her life.

Now, the hospital is being sued along with several doctors in Halifax, Nova Scotia, according to report from the New York Post.

Matt Sampson, Hubley’s fiancé, told CTV News, “Having her watch the two of us leave and her sitting there for the rest of the night by herself in the hospital is absolutely tortuous. If it was just feet, it would be one thing. If it was just arms, it would be another thing. But there’s about nine different things we’re dealing with.”

7-Year-Old Saves Toddler From Drowning

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A weekend party in Houston turned scary when a toddler ended up at the bottom of a pool, but thankfully – it was a little girl who jumped in and saved him.

Sofia Patel started swimming early in her life.

“It was hard at first,” admitted the 7-year-old swimmer.

She started attending lessons at Houston Swim Club in Pearland at just 3 years of age, never imagining the skills she learned would save someone’s life.

“When I saw him I said, ‘I need to save that kid because no one else could save him’ because I was underwater at that moment,” she said.

The second grade girl was at a weekend party at a neighbor’s home when the toddler fell in the pool.

“I went underwater and grabbed him with this hand and then I got him to a low step because, I couldn’t carry him no more and then the adults came and did everything else,” said Sofia.

EXCLUSIVE: 7-year-old swimmer saves toddler who fell into backyard pool. At 10, her inspiring story @houstonswimclub #KHOU11 #HouNews pic.twitter.com/ZBASYBWPiP— Grace White (@GraceWhiteKHOU) October 14, 2017

The toddler’s parents started performing CPR and it wasn’t until an ambulance came, Sofia’s parents learned how much her swimming skills actually paid off.

“The mother of the little boy came over and gave Sofia a hug and said ‘Thank you for saving my little boy’s life’ and we were like what? My daughter did that,” said Tejal Patel, Sofia’s mother.

“It felt awesome, because I could finally put my swimming lessons to use for once,” said Sofia.
Back in the pool, she’s still sharpening her skills and thankful what she’s learning came in handy.
“It makes me happy that I saved someone’s life,” she said.

The toddler’s family has asked not to be identified but they told reporters they’re incredibly grateful for the brave actions of the girl that saved their little boy’s life.


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