Mother Kicked Out Of Bathroom For Breastfeeding Her Child…In Private

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You often hear of stories about moms getting asked to cover up when breastfeeding out in public.

This one is different, because Ana Davis wasn’t breastfeeding out in the open public, yet it still managed to offend someone.

Davis was out shopping at a Nordstrom Rack when her 1-month-old daughter got hungry. Davis took her into a bathroom, as she did not want to attract any attention to herself.

“I went to the restroom and found an open chair,” Davis explained. “Several people walked in and out of the restroom during that time, and within a few minutes, we were approached by a Nordstrom employee that said a complaint had been made.”

Davis said that the employee asked her to leave the bathroom and finish feeding her baby in a fitting room. Instead of putting up a fight, Davis said she complied and moved.

“It was a little embarrassing at first,” Davis said. “I didn’t feel like I did anything wrong by nursing. We as a society are OK with, you know, low-cut shirts or advertisements of underwear models and that’s OK, but a nursing mother to a lot of people is just very offensive.”

Davis’s husband, Joel Davis, reached out to Nordstrom and then got the following response

We want every customer to feel comfortable while they’re shopping with us, particularly nursing mothers,” Nordstrom said in a statement. “Though we’re always happy to offer a fitting room if a mom is looking for additional privacy, our employees should never ask a nursing mom to move. We’ve looked into this and confirmed each of our employees knows that mothers are able to nurse in our store wherever they’re most comfortable.”

The Davises, are however more concerned that some people are uncomfortable with breastfeeding than they are with how a store employee handled the situation!

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