Mother Horrified As Her ‘Toddler Eats Maggot-Riddled Chicken McNuggets’

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A Mother was left traumatised after claiming that her toddler ate maggot-riddled Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s.

The unnamed Mom said she made the stomach-churning discovery after she visited a branch of the restaurant in Salamander Bay, New South Wales, Australia on the 14th of July.

She said that she had fed one of the nuggets to her daughter and had already munched her way through a few herself when she claims she noticed something “moving”.

Revolting footage apparently claims to show maggots crawling all over one of the deep-fried chicken chunks.

The Mother spoke to 9news and said “I rang the store straight away and she said, ‘Just bring them back and we’ll give you some fresh ones. But I told her I didn’t feel like eating any more nuggets after that!”

After she submitted an official complaint to McDonald’s head office, the woman said she received a letter telling her that she was the only one to report a problem. The letter is quoted as saying: “We can confirm that all the restaurant records were reviewed and these were found to be within our strict specifications.”

“Finally, we note that our Salamander Bay restaurant is a busy one. In fact, during the week of your purchase the restaurant registered 9,158 transactions … we can confirm that your complaint was the only one received.”

But the Mother said she wasn’t happy with the response, saying: “I fed my child maggots and I ate maggots myself and personally I don’t have the money to fight it.”

She also mentioned that she flagged the issue to the local council – however, a health inspection reportedly failed to find any problems.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told Sun Online: “With our cooking processes and procedures, it is impossible for this to have occurred in our restaurant. Council visited the restaurant and no issues were identified.”

The spokesman added “It is very unlikely this occurred in our restaurant; we have great confidence in our food safety and handling procedures.We have spoken with the customers and will investigate further.”

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