Mother Faces Charges After Amber Alert Of Her 4-Year-Old Child

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In Columbus, Ohio, the Mom of a 4-year-old faces charges after reporting her car had been stolen with her little daughter inside it. Police are now saying she made up the story because she wanted them to find her car faster.

Earlier this week, an Amber Alert was issued across central Ohio for the little girl. According to Police, Jessica Pickett called 911 around 7:30 and said that her car had been stolen from outside her home and that her 4-year-old daughter was inside it.

The Mother reportedly told police that she was putting her children into the car at the time. As she put the little girl in the back seat, she went back inside to get her other child when the car was stolen.

A city-wide search was prompted and police say that “every resource” was used to find the girl.

After the little girl was found safely, Pickett reportedly confessed the girl had been at her godmother’s house.Pickett was then charged with falsification.

A suspect was later taken into custody and the stolen car was found a couple miles away.

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