Mother And Daughter Fight Cancer At The Same Time

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Just five days before Christmas, Heather Wilson received some really bad news. Heather who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor six months earlier, learned that her 14-month-old daughter, London, also had cancer. The 31-year-old mother of three, was told that a yolk sac tumor was found in the area of London’s ovaries.

The pair are bravely facing the disease together, while friends and family are helping to  ease the financial and emotional burden on the young Mother.

“Heather is a warrior, and London is a warrior just like her mom,” Pam Hunt, Wilson’s aunt, told TODAY. “No young mother should have to be fighting what she’s fighting anyway, and now her daughter has to have the same fight. It just seems like it’s one in a million.”

Hunt, started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the family. Hunt said  

“I can’t help her any other way than this,”. “She has cried over the first $2,000, saying, ‘This is amazing.'”

Family members and friends have all pitched in by getting Heather to doctor’s appointments, babysitting London and providing the emotional support they need.

“If you met her, you would never know,” Hunt said .”She’s not a victim. She doesn’t let it affect her and just tries to go about her life every day.”

It all started when Wilson began having seizures over the summer. Doctors then discovered an inoperable brain tumor in June. Then last month, London began regularly bleeding in her diaper. After a trip to the hospital, a cancer diagnosis was made.

“Heather felt terrible that maybe it was something she gave (London), but the doctors confirmed that it was not,” Hunt said to TODAY.”I just struggle with why this should happen to her when she already has such a heavy burden to save her own life.”

London began treatment immediately.

“London can’t verbalize anything and she doesn’t know what’s going on, but she’s tough just like her mom,” Hunt said. “She gets sick from the treatments and then just gets right back up and starts playing again.”

These two have a hard journey ahead of them, lets wish them the best.




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