Mother Charged With Infant’s Drug Addiction

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A 23-year-old woman is in the Carter County Detention Center facing a child neglect charge in connection with her newborn baby’s positive test for methamphetamine and marijuana.

Kirsten Landeros was arrested by Deputy Rick Batt, Carter County Sheriff’s Department, after an investigation into the May 21 birth of her baby boy at the local hospital. The investigation came about after a referral by the Department of Human Services.

Reports say that Landeros currently lives in Whitesboro, Texas, but “frequents” Ardmore. Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant, said at the time the baby was born he was described as “drug endangered.”

The evidence uncovered by the investigation has been noted as “unacceptable”, and the sheriff said his department will actively respond to and pursue all investigations concerning newborn infants who test positive for drugs.

Kids are our future and it’s up to us to protect them from the time they are infants until they reach adulthood. It is this department’s duty to protect every child from the meth epidemic that is continuing to threaten not just this county but the entire state and nation.We are on board and will be attacking this problem from both the proactive and reactive sides.”

A formal charge of child neglect has been filed against the mother. The charge accuses her of “willfully failing to protect her infant child … from exposure to methamphetamine and marijuana … ” resulting in the baby’s positive tests for illegal drugs.

The case was filed by First Assistant District Attorney – Heather Cooper.

We take these cases and the actions of these mothers very seriously. It’s abuse and neglect, just like it would be if these children were exposed to drugs after they were born. When these kinds of cases, with evidence that supports charges, are presented we will aggressively prosecute them,” Copper said.

Landeros made her first appearance before Special District Judge Carson Brooks in Carter County District Court on Thursday and bond was set at $25,000.

Court records indicate she did not immediately post bond and remains incarcerated.



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