Mother Charged For Meth Overdose Of 11-Day-Old Baby

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A Edmonton woman has been arrested for the murder of her 11-day-old daughter who died from a methamphetamine overdose.

On March 29, Police got a call of a baby not breathing at a residence near 72 Street and 83 Avenue.

The medical examiner’s office notified police after autopsy and toxicology tests confirmed the baby died from a lethal dose of methamphetamine.

Michelle Rice was arrested on Thursday and charged with second-degree murder.

Police spokesman Scott Pattison said that 31-year-old Rice has a young son who is unharmed and staying with his biological father. He also added he didn’t know if the man was the father of the baby girl as well.

Pattison said it’s unknown exactly how the baby ingested the drug, but ruled out breast-feeding.

From what the medical examiner and our understanding of that level of methamphetamine, it couldn’t have been administered in that lethal dose through a woman’s breast milk specifically,” he said.

Detectives would also like to speak with several other people who visited the residence in the days prior to the baby’s death.

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