Mother Beats Daughter Up After She Speaks Out About Sexual Abuse By Mom’s Boyfriend

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A video has made its rounds on Facebook and many are shocked by the mother’s activities.

A mother from Richmond, Virginia, named Larita Cosby appears in a video of her beating her daughter. Cobsy’s activities are somewhat strange and Facebook users are completely livid about the reason why she beat her little girl

Cosby’s 16-year-old little girl trusted in her after she was sexually manhandled by her Mothers sweetheart. However, instead of shielding her girl from sexual mishandle, she chose to condemn her for standing up about it.

Cosby’s boyfriend denied the allegations, guaranteeing it was her maternal grandma, Tracy Griffin’s sweetheart who attacked the youngster.

Despite Cosby’s boyfriend conceding the high schooler suffered manhandle, she was thumped by her mom for professedly lying about the whole ordeal. To exacerbate the situation, Griffin also called her granddaughter a liar.

The person recording the video made it clear he had no clue their identity, however, Cosby could be seen holding her little girl by the hair guaranteeing all guardians ought to train their youngsters the way she has.

When the teenager attempted to break free from her mom’s solid grasp, the condition immediately heightened. Cosby dragged her daughter by the hair as she shouted in distress. For over two minutes, Cosby pulled at her little girl’s hair while punching her in the face with a shut clench hand. She more than once told the kid, “Stop hittin’ me n***a,” as observers viewed.

The terrible video has been seen over 400,000 times and people unquestionably aren’t glad about it. The video has since been removed from social media.

The video has been accounted for to the Richmond Police Department and Child Protective Service and is now investigating.

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