Mother And Child Attacked By Aggressive Bees

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A Las Vegas mother and her toddler were stung about 50 times after a swarm of aggressive bees attacked them.

Olivia Poe and her two-year-old son, Weston, were playing at near a park at Nellis Air Force base.  Suddenly the Mother noticed her son covered from head to toe in bees.

“They were going in his ears, his eyes, his nose, so I grabbed him,” Poe said.

She grabbed her son and started to run away, however the bees followed.

“They are aggressive, very, very, very aggressive,” she said.

Poe and her son were stung several times and were taken to the hospital where the toddler was vomiting.

Responders at the emergency room told Poe the bees were likely Africanized honey bees.

Daniel Millett of Bee Master of Las Vegas said that Africanized honey bees are common in Las Vegas and that they are more aggressive than normal bees.

Millett said that Poe did the correct thing by immediately running indoors when the swarm attacked them.

“When you go from hot to cold it makes their wings and everything slow down,” Millett said.

He also cautioned that you shouldn’t swat at bees if you’re being attacked and don’t jump in a pool. Millett said the bees will wait for you and then there’s also a risk of drowning.

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