Moms: Troll Hair Don’t Care — The Internet Is Going Crazy For These Hats

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Moms: Troll Hair Don’t Care — The Internet Is Going Crazy For These Hats

You can’t help but sing and dance along with the movie Trolls. Anyone who’s seen it knows that the bright colors, songs, and dancing led this movie to become an instant hit with kids all over — even some parents, too.

I’ll admit, I’ve tapped my feet to the catchy tunes in this movie — even after my kids have made me watch it for the 100th time.

Now you can make fun hats that totally resemble the style of the Trolls. Take a look at these and tell me that your kids wouldn’t love one!

It’s no secret that Princess Poppy is a fan favorite!

I mean how could you not love her?! Voiced by the ever-talented Anna Kendrick, this lovable and happiest of all the Trolls totally steals your heart.

This hat turns any child into a Princess Poppy look-a-like.

If crochet isn’t your thing, here’s another style.

These would be great for Halloween costumes.

It’s not all about Princess Poppy, though.

Here’s a perfect hat for those Harper fans.

There’s no mistaking this bright and fun rainbow hair.

Throughout the movie, Branch was one of my favorites.

The part where he gets his color back — the best!

Last but not least, Smidge.

This teeny-tiny Troll with a shockingly deep baritone voice can really steal the show.

Know any other parents who have been sucked into the world of Trolls? Share this with them, too! My kids can’t be the only ones who are obsessed with this movie.

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