A Mom’s Emotional Post Unravels Reality Of Parenting With Depression

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A Mom from Missouri is being applauded by thousands of people after she opened up about her struggle with anxiety and depression. The Mom has shared how exactly this has affected her as a Mother.

The Mom of two, Cierra Fortner, wrote on Facebook that a cashier at Walmart recognized her as a regular customer and said she seemed to “have it all together” with her children.

In the post, Fortner said that she thanked the cashier, but had a few details which she wanted to clear up.

I want her to know I battle a personality disorder every day with anxiety and depression mixed and I’m a two times [sic] suicide survivor,” she wrote.

Fortner spoke to The Huffington Post about her battle with anxiety. She told them that her depression began after her Mother passed away from melanoma in September 2010. She did seeing a counselor and took medication, but once she became pregnant with her first son in 2011 she experienced postpartum depression.

“After having him, I had my first suicide attempt as … postpartum depression was added in and I had an extremely rough time with itI wasn’t diagnosed with the personality disorder until my second suicide attempt in April of 2014.” she told the Huffington Post.

In April 2015 she welcomed another child.

She said her husband has been a “great help” through both her good and bad days. By sharing the post, the Mom of two wanted to share a glimpse of just how depression affects her daily life.

“I want her to know that my son is late for school 3 out of 4 days because I regularly forget what day and time it is, despite the toddler size calendar in my kitchen,” she wrote. “I want her to know I have those ‘I’m losing my shit’ moments when I have to lock myself in the bathroom and cry.”

Fortner’s Facebook post has been shared over 92,000 times.

She hopes that by sharing her post she can spread the message to other parents in her situation that it’s OK to ask for help.

 “Don’t sweat the small stuff because in 10 years your kids won’t look back and remember that you let laundry go for a few days or that they had frozen pizza for a full week straight, but they will remember the amount of love that you had for them and how hard you tried.”

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