Mom Witnesses Her Two Sons Fatally Shot At Restaurant

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A mother from Chicago was left heartbroken after she witnessed a gunman shoot and kill two of her sons at the restaurant she worked.

Police said that the deadly shooting happened on Thursday afternoon at the Nadia Fish and Chicken on 75th street and Coles Avenue when an unidentified male walked into the eatery and started firing.

There was a total of 4 victims; 2 of whom were brothers.

Dillon Jackson, 20, was found dead outside the restaurant while his 19-year-old brother Raheem was found slumped against a tree nearby. Two other victims, Emmanuel Stokes, 28, and Edwin Davis, 32, died inside the restaurant.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the boys’ Mom Dana Jackson was working when her sons came inside to get food and to visit with her.

After the shooting the mother, still wearing her work apron, angrily hit her fists on the hood of a police car and threatened to kill herself because she was so upset.

I can’t go on, my life is over,” Dana said. “I’m about to goddamn kill myself. I was standing right here in the window, they killed ’em right in front of me.”

All four of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. In a tweet, police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the shooting was believed to be a gang-related retaliation for “another incident.”

To date, no arrests have been made.

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