Mom Of Two Says “I Went From Having An Almost Perfect Figure To This”

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A Mother shares honest photo of her stomach after ab separation during pregnancy left her with a ‘large gap’ measuring FIVE finger widths.

In today’s day and age of perfect pregnancy baby bodies, it takes a lot of courage to show a different reality – especially when its one that flies in the face of the idea that post-birth bellies just ‘snap back’.

A  mother in Australia has reached out to her online community with a photo which shows what it’s really like to suffer from a condition where the abs separate during pregnancy.

Pimmy Gavan of Wattlebush recently shared a picture of herself pregnant to a Facebook mother’s group., alongside another picture that showed how her stomach had been affected by Diastasis Recti.

She told Daily Mail Australia that apart from trying to find support from others who were similarly afflicted, she wanted to show the reality of a less than perfect ‘snap back’ body.

‘People don’t really understand how this really makes me feel inside. I went from having an almost perfect figure to this,‘ she said.

‘I have been really struggling with the condition because it’s been causing me a lot of pain, and has really affected my self-confidence.

‘When I’m standing you can see my intestines sticking out of my belly button.’


The Mom-of-two believes that her smaller stature – she’s 147 centimetres tall and weighs 40 kilograms – and her larger baby is what is likely to have caused the condition which has left her with a abdomen gap that now measures five finger widths.

Speaking previously to Daily Mail Australia, a Brisbane based obstetrician, gynaecologist and spokesman for the Australian Medical Association Dr Gino Pecoraro body size was contributing factor.

‘Women more likely to suffer from the condition might be those pregnant with twins or triplets, women carrying larger babies or smaller women.’ 

Although the 32-year-old said that she experienced the condition in a milder form following the birth of her first son, Tyson, a commitment to diet as well as using compression bandages has really helped correct her separated abs within a year.

Pimmy said that the photo she posted to Facebook showed her body just before the birth of her son, and alongside it is how her stomach looks now, just over a year down the track.

Although Tyson is nearly five years old, he’s constantly in and out of hospital for treatment, and along with the demands of raising a new baby, Pimmy said that she’s had little time to take care of herself.

‘No woman wants to look like that,’ she said.

‘But then again, I haven’t had a chance to help myself, even though I wanted to.’

She said that reaching out to her community was a way to get some support as the condition had started to cause her bad back pain, and also affect her self-esteem.

My son is going back into hospital for two months and I was hoping that during the time I was there, I could spend some of it doing some yoga or Pilates.

She said on the advice of some of the other group members, also suffering from ab separation issues, she’s since decided to investigate treatment options through her GP.

‘All the mums were really supportive,’ she said.

No one judged me, which made me feel a bit better.

‘I also found another mum who had been through the same thing and had never spoken to anyone because she felt so uncomfortable talking about it.’

While the Mom acknowledges that for some surgery to correct a less than ‘perfect’ body post pregnancy is an option, for others, her optimistic message offers hope.

‘I don’t want people to feel sorry for me,’ she mentioned.

‘I just hope that people might see this and feel less alone.’

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