This Mom Had Stressful Day At Home With Kids, Then Toddler Secretly Told Dad The Real Story

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A day in the life of a Mom is one of running many errands, making sure that the kids are happy and dealing with inevitable accidents and mood swings. But while one mom thinks that her day was one of endless trials, her young daughter saw it in a completely different way.

The day starts just like many others with her daughter as her wake up alarm, crying out for protection from the monsters in her room. The day then goes on to be one full of obstacles…

The Mother has to split up her daughters as they argue over the toys they are playing with and battles with them as she attempts to fasten them into their carseats.

She then attempts to do a peaceful grocery shop, to no avail, and watches helplessly as her daughter drops the specially-made cake she bought.

She seems pretty deflated after a tiring day that feels like she has failed at her duties as a Mother. That is until she overhears her daughter telling her father about the day.

A day that she had thought was exhausting and stressful had, to her daughter, been the best day ever!

Always looking on the bright side of life, the girl retells the story of their day but from her own view point and it seems like a pretty great day in retrospect.

The Mom is moved close to tears as she listens to her excited toddler talk about how mom saved her from the monsters in her room and gave her lots of kisses all day.

She even manages to put a positive spin on her scuffle with her baby sister and the cake disaster.

The video is extremely touching and a reminder to all Mothers that even when you feel like the world is against you, you’re still doing a great job of raising happy children.

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