Mom Says School Failed To Tell Her About Her Daughters Broken Arm

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Children are always getting into strife at school. Running around, bumping into things, or falling and scraping their knees, par for the course with a child. There’s always someone there to pick them up when they fall or clean a grazed knee.

However, that was not the case for a little four year old in Redford last week. Her mother Candace explained what happened, and asked that her daughter’s identity not be revealed.

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The girl is a 4th-grade student at Beech Elementary in Redford. During her gym lesson last Friday, the child fell and broke her arm. Yet, not only did the school not help or treat the girl for her injuries, her mother claims they didn’t even tell her about the incident.

The 9-year-old girl who has special needs, only told her mother about the incident on Sunday when she was still suffering from pain and discomfort.

Candace says her daughter told her that she fell at school on Friday and that she had told her teacher because she was crying as it hurt. No one from the school informed Candace that her daughter had hurt herself on their property nor did they do anything to help her.

“They didn’t do anything, not even ice it,” Candace explains to FOX 2 News. Candace had called the school about the incident and was told, “Oh we did hear something about it,” and was then later assured that the matter would be investigated.

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Candace took her daughter to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan on Monday morning where doctors discovered she had a Buckle Fracture in her arm. She needed to have a cast fitted as a result.

Camille Amiri of Fox 2 tried to speak to someone from the Redford Union School District to get their side of the story, but they declined to be interviewed.

Nevertheless, Adrienne Lenhoff from the Redford Union School District sent a statement to Fox 2 claiming, “The District and the staff of Beech Elementary are committed to the safety of our students. The District is conducting an investigation into the alleged incident.”

Candace went on to explain that the school year had a rocky start for the 9-year-old after her mother heard the bus driver swearing at her daughter. “The bus driver goes “(expletive) hurry up, you cannot do this, hurry up, you’re lollygagging. Get in here,” she explains.

Understandably furious Candace said, “Whoa, this a kid that first of all has special needs. Two, you don’t talk to any child like that with or without special needs.” As a result Candace now drives her daughter to school.

Candace simply wants her child to be safe and for her as a mother to be kept informed as to what going on in her child’s life at school.

“I just would like for her to be safe and get a good education. What’s it going to take before I’m informed and aware as to what’s going on?” she said.

Candace says that she is even considering transferring her daughter to another school.


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  1. Marrissia

    November 18, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    In the beginning of this article, you said the the child was 4 yrs. old, then later in the articale you say she is a fourth grader and she is 9 yrs. old! Get your facts straight!

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