Mom Says Frat Members Rubbed Peanut Butter On Sons Face Who Has Deadly Allergy

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A mother from Michigan says that her son experienced a life-threatening hazing situation at Central Michigan University.

Teresa Seely of Marysville posted to Facebook earlier this week that members of the Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity,  rubbed peanut butter all over her son’s face while he was passed out.

Her son Andrew, has a deadly peanut allergy and could have been killed.

“He was sent to the campus health clinic by a professor and treated. Luckily he is still alive,” she wrote in her post.

Theresa says authorities at Central Michigan University have been notified and their family also has an attorney. They’ve also scheduled a press conference in Port Huron.

In her post, Theresa added that her son does have an EpiPen and that he carries Benadryl tablets in his wallet at all times. She also said the incident happened when he was passed out.

According to her post, this happened last fall, however, Andrew only told his family until this week.

It’s still unknown whether the fraternity members knew about his peanut allergy.

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