Mom Honors Brave Daughter With Down’s Syndrome And Other Health Concerns On Her 7th Month Of Living

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‘I Am In Awe Of Her’

A little baby girl, born with 3 heart defects, Down’s syndrome, as well as a stomach defect, lives and thrives, having just celebrated her 7-month birthday.

When this unique baby entered the world last September, her Mother was terrified that the first day of daughter’s life may become the last, as the doctors predicted the girl wouldn’t survive outside of mother’s womb.

During the pregnancy period Kitty’s mom, Bonnie, felt that evil tidings wouldn’t ever stop coming.

What Bonnie didn’t know yet how proud she would be of her little survivor.

Her 20-week ultrasound brought horrible news, which came down like a ton of bricks on the family.

Bonnie, the Mother of two teens and one-month-old boy, couldn’t believe something would be wrong with the pregnancy.

During the 20-week ultrasound session the heartbreaking truth made a descent upon the whole Bonnies family, as the test revealed that the woman expected a baby with Down’s syndrome.

The chromosomal birth defect is quite rare, affecting 1 out of 700 babies in the U.S.

Even though the news about Down’s syndrome wasn’t what the family expected to hear, but the worst was yet ahead.

Later on, 3 heart defects and a digestive tract defect were diagnosed

This meant that the baby would eat from the tube and would need several heart operations immediately after birth.

36-year-old Bonnie gave birth to her ‘magic girl’, expressing her honor for the baby, who finally was in a smooth water despite all doctors’ predictions.

The little Kitty went through an intestinal surgery, two open heart procedures, and almost fatal seizure, but she survives and thrives, putting a smile on her blessed mother’s face.

What a brave girl!

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