Mom Hiding In Pantry Sums Up Parenting In A 34 Second Video

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Ashley Gardner, a Mother of quadruplet girls, who shares her life as a parent on YouTube posted a video of her hiding in a pantry.

In the video the Mom is secretly eating Twizzlers with her child’s eye peering through the crack under the door. The video has gone viral and it’s because it’s one that can sum up motherhood in just 34 seconds.

In the video Ashley says

Mom desperately needed a treat to get through the rest of the night so I’m hiding in the pantry eating a treat. Is that wrong?”

There were a few mean comments on the video but overall the internet was taken with the conclusion.

Gardner said:

“They don’t ever go away. They want everything you have.”

It’s hilarious when she moved her phone down to the crack of the door to see those peeping eyes.

Gardner said, “See she’s always there.  Hi. Hi. Hi.”

Take a look at the video below:

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