Mom Called Disgusting For Pictures With Her Toddler

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When you become a Mom, it’s almost inevitable that someone will comment on your style of parenting. However, you really shouldn’t worry about what other people think!

There are people out there who simply just love to tell you that you’re doing wrong, based on their observations and limited information.

Well, comedian and Mom Jess Hilarious will know about this all too well.

For a photo shoot, Jess Hilarious and her toddler are sporting matching sneakers – with nothing more than that really.

Some people are calling the shoot adorable, while others think its disgusting, simply because she’s posing naked with her son.

So many people had something to say about the photos. One of the most controversial reactions came from fellow comedian Corey Holcomb, who took to Twitter to take a shot at Jess Hilarious.

The comments on her Instagram account are also quite interesting to read. One of her social media followers wrote, “I would love to call this beautiful and tasteful because I think every woman has the right to take her own path but in this case I can’t. I’m sure she meant well with this picture and only sees her own prospective on it so can’t blame her for aggressively firing back at any negative feedback.”

Another said, “When posting something this intimate on social media for the whole world to see you will get backlash weather you asked for it or not. My personal opinion when this child grows up and is a man looking back at this pic not to mention the fact that it was publicly posted on a popular social media site he may not be as proud of it as his mother.”

Each to their own!



  1. Evelyn

    March 6, 2017 at 2:41 am

    Tacky, very tacky. People have no morals anymore, no discretion.

  2. ida

    June 8, 2017 at 12:02 am

    I think its beautiful.

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