A Mom Is Begging Parents to Never Wear a Baby While Cooking After Her Horrifying Accident

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Baby carriers are a beloved invention for busy parents who need some hands-free time. Yet despite the convenience of being able to physically soothe your little one while still accomplishing your chores, there’s one room that you might want to reconsider toting your tot around in a sling: the kitchen.

Molly Landis was an avid baby wearer since it calmed her 4-week-old baby girl while also giving her the freedom to get started on meal prep, but after a shocking accident, she’s warning parents to reconsider their routines.

“I was involved in an accident where my stove burner exploded and sent a fire ball to my face, neck and chest. This caused open wounds and burns to my face and chest,”

Molly wrote on Facebook along with a photo of her injuries. “Yes, this is horrible and painful but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how lucky I truly am.”

For the first time in her baby’s life, Molly’s little girl had fallen asleep in her swing so the new mom wasn’t wearing the infant at the time of the accident.

“The worst of my burns is to my chest — exactly where her precious little head would have been laying if she were in her carrier,” Molly wrote.

“The point of my message is to please be cautious of the activities we do while wearing our babies! Since this happened I have had so many moms say ‘Omg, I do that all the time’ … We never think it could happen to us and I never thought it would happen to me.”

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