Mom Adds Birthmark To Dolls Face So She Looks Like Her Daughter

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It’s not easy being a kid and it’s even more difficult if you look “different” to your pals. Kids who are deemed different are often bullied and ridiculed and to make matters worse it’s almost impossible to find any toys or celebrities that these kids can relate to. This why Mom Jesica Bird got creative and made sure that her 6-year-old daughter had a doll that looked just like her.

Her daughter Navaeh was born with wide blood vessels in her face which resulted in a large red birthmark on her left cheek.

People would often mistake the birthmark for a burn or bruise which then came along with lots of questions.

Navaeh Grandmother gifted her a doll with big brown eyes and brown hair. It resembled Navaeh a lot, but something was missing….Navaeh wanted it to have a birthmark, too.

Navaeh was so excited when her Mom was quickly able to do so. Jesica found a tube of dark red lipstick and drew the birthmark on the dolls face.

The lipstick left a bright stain after she wiped the excess and then she took a layer of clear nail polish to proted the “birthmark”. She said “It literally took me 20 minutes” she added that “Navaeh loves the doll and shows it off to her friends.”

What a lovely idea!

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