Military Mother Breaks Down As She’s Reunited With 2-Year-Old Son

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Family reunions are just the best. It’s great to see someone again after a long period of time apart especially if the person you’re waiting to see has been away in the military.

No matter where you are, it’s a dangerous place to work if you’re in the milatry, which makes the reunion even more special.

Heart-warming images have emerged which shows a toddler seeing his military Mother for the first time in ages as she is returning from a deployment.

The Mother is US Air Force Staff Sergeant Chelsey Speicher, and her young son Bennett is so happy to see her.

The boy comes flying towards her and gives her a huge hug. The two only managed to talk to each other via a video link whilst she had been away.

Staff Sergeant Speicher was returning from having spent 6 whole months in Jordan.

As she arrives through the gate, Bennett shouts, “There’s mom!” and sets off running. She says, “Hi Baby!” seemingly shocked to see how much the boy has grown since she’s been off in the Middle East.

Then, her husband and Bennett’s dad arrives and the three of them are reunited once more.


The rest of the family also came along to the airport.
They even brought flowers along with them too, which is a good effort too, which made this reunion oh so special!

Six months is a very long time when you’ve got a toddler!

This moment took place in an airport somewhere in the US state of Georgia, most probably at an airport.

Images credit: Storyful

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