Man’s home is a haven for dying kids – over 10 children died there already

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In these dark times that we find ourselves in, there are still a lot of people across the world who inspire hope and faith in humanity. These people are like brilliant stars on a dark night – and one of the stars who shines brightest is Mohamed Bzeek.

Some people have such big hearts that it seems almost unbelievable. One of these folks is a man with a big bushy beard named Mohamed Bzeek. He’s taken on a very special task in life: he’s a foster father to terminally ill children who have been abandoned by their parents. Normally, these children would end their lives in a hospital, alone and abandoned. But thanks to Mohamed, they get the love, strength, warmth, and joy they deserve in their final months and days.

A great deal of Mohamed’s empathy for these children stems from when he was 62 years old and was diagnosed with cancer. His wife had already passed away and his son is handicapped, so had to go to the hospital and face surgery without anyone by his side. Mohamed felt completely alone – just like all the abandoned children who visit hospitals every day.

In the video below, Mohamed talks about his experience as a cancer patient at the hospital, about how he understands these children, and about their feelings of being totally alone.

I hope everyone watches this video, because we need more people like Mohamed on our planet.

Mohamed truly has a heart of gold. He gives dying children a sense of security, happiness, and joy they would otherwise not have. If more people were like Mohamed, the world would be a brighter place.

Please help spread Mohamed’s inspiring journey to make the world a better place. Because no one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

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