Man Throws Toddler Into Traffic

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A 30-year-old Colorado Springs man is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly throwing his young cousin into oncoming traffic.

A female witness did not hesitate to run to the 2-year-old in the middle of the busy North Academy and Airport Road intersection. She didn’t want to release her name, but described the scene to media.

The woman said that her, her husband and her young daughter were driving home around 9 on Friday night when she noticed a man standing by the road looking like he was about to throw something.

She first thought he was going to throw a dog or a rock in the roadway but as soon as the light turned green, the man hurled something in her direction.

The car in front of her swerved abruptly, just missing what she realised was a small child.

The woman jumped out of her car and ran to the toddler’s side. The boy was soaking wet, crying and bleeding from his arm, but not seriously hurt. For the next few minutes she held him and comforted him until help could arrive.

The suspect tried to flee from the scene, but was quickly caught and pinned down by the woman’s husband and two other on-lookers. The men held him down until police got on scene.

Police identified the suspect as Bryant Hickcox.

According to jail records, Hickcox remains booked in the El Paso County jail Saturday afternoon on a bond of $50,000.


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