Man Solves Kidnap Mystery By Ordering Pizza From 5000 Miles Away

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An amateur British sleuth has used some genius investigating skills to return a little girl from America safely home to her grandparents.

Following an emergency guardianship hearing back in June, four-year-old Yvette Henley was supposed to be in the custody of her loving grandparents, Gary and Kim Forester.

However, Yvette was still in the care of her estranged dad, 28-year-old Virgil Henley and neither of them could be found. Frighteningly, Gary and Kim discovered their young granddaughter was experiencing emotional damage and could be in danger…

A frantic search began, which must have felt like looking for a needle in a haystack. Police were unable to find any trace of Virgil and Yvette, who could have been anywhere in America.

The dedicated grandparents launched their own investigation, using Facebook to figure out who Virgil’s friends were, and if any of them knew anything.

They came across 21-year-old British Sainsbury’s worker Harry Brown, who had met Virgil online a few years ago.

The worried couple sent Surrey based Harry the following Facebook message:

Right now, my wife and I have been given custody of Yvette and the FBI child abduction task force is looking for her

If you can help me in any way get a confirmed location of my granddaughter Yvette, I have a $2,000 (£1,537) cash reward for information that leads to her safe return.
Please message me back or call me to help my granddaughter. She is in a very dire situation.

Speaking with us, Harry told of how he was able to gain Virgil’s trust:

Well, what happened was I was messaged on Facebook about Yvette, the missing girl.

I was Facebook friends with her Dad, Virgil, and I was shocked to hear that she was missing!

So I started messaging Virgil all night having casual conversation while trying my hardest to get small bits of information from him about his whereabouts, without being too obvious.

Clever Harry spent two days talking with Virgil online, discovering he was in Arizona along with his girlfriend Alyssa and little Yvette.

Harry offered to treat Virgil to a pizza, as a way of figuring out his exact location. Unwitting Virgil gave his internet friend the precise details of the motel and room number where he was staying.

According to Harry:

It took a couple of nights and lots of questioning, I first off tried sending him money to see if I could get his location from where he picked the money up (through western union) but that wouldn’t work. So I asked if he would want a pizza instead.

He said not today, but maybe tomorrow, so I waited until the same time tomorrow and asked again.

This time he said yes and gave me his motel address and number!

Of course, heroic Harry immediately alerted police to Virgil’s whereabouts and Yvette was soon safely back in California, in the care of her loving grandparents.

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