Man lets Brother With Down Syndrome Hold His Newborn Baby Girl. See The Reaction

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The wonderful thing about babies is that they don’t discriminate. No matter your race, any gender, or any religion and, as long as you’re kind, a baby will trust you.

20-year-old Daniel Throop of California, has Down Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder caused by an extra chromosome.

His older brother, Kevin Throop, told CafeMom that Daniel is like “a child trapped in a man’s body,” which has really altered some people’s perception of him as he’s gotten older. But Daniel has always shown great compassion and care for those younger than himself with a beautiful innocence.

“I don’t know anyone that shows joy the way my brother does,” Kevin said.

A few months ago, Kevin’s wife gave birth to their daughter, Maysen Ava.

During that time, Daniel was on a trip to New Guinea with his parents. By the time they got back to California and Daniel met his niece, she was already 3 months old.

The entire family was gathered together but Daniel wasn’t feeling part of the action.

“My brother was feeling ignored that day because he couldn’t join the adult conversation,” Kevin said. “This is really hard for him, to know he is not part of a conversation. He gave me eight hugs in 10 minutes and I’m not exaggerating, so we knew he needed some love.”

Kevin decided that the best way for Daniel to feel included was by giving him a chance to hold Maysen for the very first time.

He was so sweet and gentle with her. He was at peace and Kevin captured the beautiful moment in a photo.

“He used to love to hold babies but it’s rare that someone lets him now,” Kevin wrote on Reddit.

“My wife and I let him hold our baby today and here is his look when we gave her to him and then the way he held her without movement for 5 minutes. I almost cried.”

Kevin’s reddit post has over 137,000 upvotes with many comments from people showing support for Daniel as well as sharing their personal experiences with family members with Down Syndrome.

Kevin was so touched by all of the positive attention his brother received and hopes it helps people realize how caring people with Down Syndrome can be.

“I hope people learn that individuals with [Down Syndrome] give the purest type of love,” he told CafeMom. “All the kid wanted was to hold and be held. A really simple thing.”

Sometimes it’s just the simple things that make all the difference and can bring the greatest happiness.

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