This Man Dismembered His Wife’s Body In Front Of His 2 Kids

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A 35-year-old man is accused of dismembering and abandoning his wife’s corpse and endangering the welfare of a child.

Justin Rey was filed with the charges on Wednesday by Jackson County Prosecutor, Jean Baker.

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According to the court records, police believe that Rey’s children aged 2 and a newborn baby were in the Kansas City hotel room as he dismembered their mother’s body.

Jessica Rey’s mutilated body was found inside a cooler at a Lenexa storage facility on October 24th, he newborn baby was just four days old.

Rey told police his wife had given birth in a hotel room near Stadium Drive where they had been staying since September 25th. He explained how he delivered the baby by using a plastic fastener and a shoelace to secure the umbilical cord.

Jessica Rey, FOX 4 News

He told police that she died after childbirth and that he spent two days with her body, taking pictures of his wife and their kids together. He then dismembered her body and took her body in a cooler to a storage facility in Lenexa.

Detectives working on the case said he admitted to cutting up Jessica’s body in the bathtub and then put her body parts in the cooler. He told them that some parts didn’t fit in the cooler so he either flushed them down the toilet or boiled them in a pot on the stove.

The U-haul Storage Facility in Lenexa contacted the police after Rey was talking suspiciously about his wife’s death to them. He apparently told them that his wife had died from suicide after giving birth.

The probable cause statement said, “The suspect spontaneously informed the officers his wife was inside the cooler and looked to the direction of a red and white Igloo style cooler with wheels.”

Rey went before a judge two weeks ago in Johnson County, Kansas, where he was charged with child endangerment for supposedly living with the children in the U-haul storage facility. Rey denied that he and the children were living in the storage facility.

In an outburst in court Rey claimed that his rights were being violated by the state. He claimed he received verbal abuse from investigators and accused the court of slander against his name. “Your officer’s lie saying I was sleeping and staying in a storage unit which is not true,” he said moments before he was removed from the courtroom.

He blasted the judge for what he believes is a violation of his rights as he was walked out of the room.

“The most wealthiest county in the United States and they think they are going to get away with it! It’s not right! I have religious rights, parental rights, marital rights! My wife kills herself and you guys kidnap our children.  It’s totally illegal and wrong.”

“I am not angry, wrong or in any way mentally unstable,” he finished as he was being led out of the courtroom.

Rey remains in custody in Johnson County where persecutors requested a bond of $100,000.

You can see his angry outburst here:

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