Man Arrested After Snapchat Photos Of Duct-Taped Child

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A man is currently in jail after pictures were posted on Snapchat of a young child. 

The child’s mouth, wrists, and ankles were duct-taped.

The Gonzales Police Department said that David Williams III, 24, was arrested on Thursday morning in connection with the pictures.

Investigators said that the victim is a 15-month-old boy. He reportedly suffered abrasions and redness in the places that were taped.

GPD said that it received the case on April 23 from the Department of Child and Family Services. 

Officials added that DCFS was contacted by the child’s mother about the incident on or about March 20.

Investigators say that the images were described in the social media post as “what to do with an unruly child.”

Williams was booked into the Ascension Parish Jail on a charge of felony cruelty to a juvenile. 

Records indicate there was also a bench warrant for him from another parish.

Bond is set at $500,000.

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