Man Arrested For Punching Toddler

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A North Miami man has been arrested for punching a toddler so hard she needed surgery. The girl’s mother has also been jailed because police said she did nothing about it – for days.

22-year-old Tyquan Spencer is reportedly accused of punching the 19-month-old daughter of Scarlett Ruiz so hard that she threw up.

When Ruiz got home, police say that her older daughter told her what happened. The 24-year-old woman eventually took the girl to the hospital when she developed a fever, however, police say she didn’t tell doctors what really happened. They thought the girl had an infection.

A few days later, the girl’s symptoms got worse. Doctors had to perform emergency surgery and found she had a perforated intestine.

Spencer has been charged with child abuse and Ruiz has been charged with child neglect.

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