Making The World A Better Place For Our Children

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As a parent or guardian, all we that we want to do is ensure that our children are growing up in a safe environment; however, that is not always in our power however much we try. The world can be a scary place and it is up to us to shield our children from any and all dangers.

Sadly, not all children have someone that they can rely upon in times of need and require the help of others to help them get by. Charities help with various child sponsorship programmes, such as that seen with the Myanmar emergency appeal with families caught up in terrible conditions.

Closer to Home

If you are a parent or guardian, your first thoughts are keeping your own children safe. Just as charity starts at home, so, too, does the safety of children. After all, it is here where we can have the biggest impact as we play a direct role in our children’s lives.

Knowledge is Power

Teaching kids right from wrong should not be underestimated, as it is the example that we set our children in their formative years that helps to build them as a person. A bad example can be seen as the right way to go about things – even something as simple as a disregard for looking both ways when crossing the road. All it takes is for a speeding car to drastically change, or even end, your child’s life.

As well as safeguarding children, teaching them how to be safe when at home and out on the street, introducing them to fundamentals such as caring for one and other is also very important. Unfortunately, there are too many people in the world that are ignorant and not tolerant of others’ way of life. In an ever-changing world, introducing diversity into our children’s lives at an early age will help to form better attitudes that will serve them well later on in life.

Helping Others

Outside of our own homes, there are children of all ages in need of help. Whether they are homeless, poverty-stricken or suffering from abuse, there is, in fact, something that we can do to help.

Volunteering for charities, and taking part in child sponsorship schemes, goes some way to helping those in need. Something as simple as giving up an hour of your time volunteering at a shelter or organising a fundraising event may not be much skin off your back but can make the world of difference to someone else.


Donations do not have to be much, they do not even have to be financial – giving old clothes, unwanted food or just time itself, are another way of helping to make the world a better place. Instead of throwing out an old child’s outfit on the basis that it does not fit anymore, consider donating to a charity instead as there will be some little girl or boy more than happy with it.

Of course, though, charities do rely on kind donations in order to continue with the great work that they carry out. A wide range of causes ask for donations and, in return, keep you informed about just how the money you give has made a difference.

For example, you may be told about how the $10 you donated helped to feed a starving family, or provide a safe place to sleep. You may also receive communication from those that you have helped, thanking you for your generosity and keeping you informed on their progress.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that, in some way, we are helping to make the world a better place for not only our children, but for all of those around the world, to grow up in?



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