Fussy Eater? Try This Instead

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We as parents know all too well about the struggles that we face to get our children to eat fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown that even if they do enjoy fruits and vegetables they are simply not getting enough. Another thing we all know as parents is that our kids have creative minds and love to get lost in the adventure & excitement of stories, TV shows and games.

The new unique company called Make Eating Fun has developed an Interactive Nutritional Game series, which engages children in personalized storybook fashion. The children are provoked by the characters in the story to clear “obstacles” in the form of fruits and vegetables. This is done right off of the decorative placemat, which corresponds with the book.

As obstacles in the story appear, it is your child’s job to make them disappear. In order to help the characters of Make Eating Fun complete their tasks or challenges, your child will need to gobble up those healthy fruits and vegetables to help out. The experience is fun, creates a sense of accomplishment and it opens up the mind to new experiences of all types.

Not only is this interactive nutritional game a benefit for your child’s health, each story includes valuable life lessons. At the end of each book there are talking points provided to engage children in conversation about those life lessons. For instance some of the life lessons include environmental cleanup, stealing is wrong, and forgiveness just to name a few.

Even if your child is a healthy eater, Make Eating Fun will be an exciting eating adventure. It is a simple way to encourage healthy eating and literacy in one bite. LinkConnector Validation

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