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The Hellfires continue to burn as it looks like Lucifer lead Tom Ellis has been locked in for Season 6. Fans already know Netflix has renewed Lucifer for a ‘final’ season of 16 episodes, but is this really the end?

While the DC comics adaptation had a rocky start and lasted just three seasons over on Fox, Netflix swooped in and picked up the supernatural drama for two more seasons. Rumours of a sixth have been smoldering for a while, and now, it looks like we’re even closer.

Tom Kapinos’ series follows the Devil himself. Leaving the warmth of Hell behind him, Lucifer moves to Los Angeles, sets up his own nightclub, and becomes a consultant to the LAPD. Even though no show can last forever, TV Line reports Ellis has signed an extended contract deal that would cover a potential Season 6.

The latest news comes just days after the same site claimed showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson were penning deals to return for another run of episodes. It’s important to note nearly all of Ellis’ co-stars already had extended contract deals, meaning the lead was a missing puzzle piece of the whole thing.

Despite many expecting Lucifer to have a definitive ending with Season 5, Modrovich already teased there’s more to come.

Talking about this being the end of the road when it comes to Lucifer Season 5, Ildy confessed: “The whole reason they decided to announce that it was our fifth and final season simultaneously is because they know how devoted and passionate our fans (and we!) are and wanted to give y’all (and us!) as much time as they could to accept and process the news.”

With each day, it looks more and more likely Lucifer won’t be confined to its own hellish abyss when Season 5 comes to a close. Still, we need to take the latest developments with a pinch of salt until Netflix officially passes comment.

Only recently, Dennis Haysbert, who is set to play God in the show, took a sneaky selfie with his cast members Tom Ellis (Lucifer) and D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel) to show off Season 5.

Haysbert’s casting was recently announced as God for season 5 of the show, and he’s set to have some serious struggles with the fallen angel Lucifer. The show has teased the appearance of God ever since series one – with fans heavily anticipating the reunion of God with his sons Lucifer and Amenadiel.

Either way, Season 6 is still a long way off. Not only is there no official release date for Lucifer‘s return, but Season 5 will be split into two blocks of eight episodes. Still, our love for Lucifer is burning brightly until he’s back on the box.

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