Lovely Story: Cop Shows up at House on Abuse Call, Doesn’t Know He’s About to Find His Son There

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The boy was bound by his hands and feet…

Lovely Story: Cop Shows up at House on Abuse Call, Doesn’t Know He’s About to Find His Son There

People often underestimate what they would do in a situation that calls for selflessness and sacrifice. It may seem impossible to muster up the courage, but when it comes down to it, many people find that doing the right thing is easier than imagined.

One police officer from Poteau, Oklahoma, showed a sense of responsibility above and beyond what is expected from anyone. After responding to a child abuse call, he made an incredible decision that changed his life and his family forever.

When Officer Jody Thompson arrived at the scene of abuse, he was horrified. He discovered an 8-year-old boy named John who had been treated disgustingly by his own parents.

The boy was bound by his hands and feet, starving, and soaking wet. Allegedly, his parents had submerged him in a trash can and then forcibly held him in the shower.

Thompson took the boy to the hospital and stayed by his side during recovery. Then, Officer Thompson made the most selfless and loving decision for that boy.

“When I’d seen him in that house shivering and his hands tied — just soaking wet and confused — I knew at that moment the only time I would be satisfied and sure that he was safe is if he was with me,” Thompson said of the moment he realized what he had to do.

He and his wife decided to adopt John into their family. John is now 10 years old, thriving at school, and so loved by his new family.

“He is helpful to me,” said John, “He’s the reason I’m here right now.”

Amazingly, Thompson and his wife did not stop there. When they learned that John’s biological mother had given birth to a baby girl while in prison, they adopted her, too.

Poteau OK Police Officer Jody Thompson Adopts the Victim of Child Abuse

“So we picked her up at the hospital. She was barely 24 hours old,” Thompson said of his daughter.

Poteau Police Chief Stephen Fruen said of Thompson’s selfless actions, “To come through and to do that — that’s the measure of a man.” He wants the story to be shared with the community.

No one can know for sure what they would do in a situation like the one Officer Thompson found himself in, but hopefully we all aspire to make the right decision. Because of his choice to adopt those two children, they will get to grow up in a loving and supportive home that they otherwise never would have known!

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