Lawsuit Says Toddler’s Fatal Dental Procedure Was Part Of Medicaid Billing Scheme

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After the death of a Texas toddler who died during a dentist appointment – her family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. They allege that the procedure was unnecessarily performed as part of a money-making scheme.

Daisy Lynne Torres died on March 29, 2016. Authorities listed that anesthesia was administered for the treatment of tooth decay as the cause of death.

Daisy’s mother, Betty Squier,  said that the dentist, Dr. Michael Melanson, informed her that her child had six cavities – four more than initially suspected.

Dr. David Williams, who’s a mobile anesthesiologist with Texan Anesthesiology, was reportedly present for the procedure but did not tell Squier what it entailed.

A subsequent forensic dental examiner’s report interrogated the reason why Daisy underwent the procedure, as he found no indication of dental disease or pathology in X-rays from the  visit on March 29, reported.

The $1 million lawsuit lists Austin Children’s Dentistry, Melanson, Williams and Texas Anesthesiology Association. It alleges that the procedure was an attempt to bill Medicaid for unnecessary dental work.

Squier told was committing fraud. He was doing unnecessary work to her teeth that didn’t need to be done. He was taking advantage of a little girl. He was taking advantage of parents that didn’t know any better. We’re not doctors. We trust our medical professionals to tell us what would be the right thing to do for our children, and he completely took advantage of us.” 



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