Largest Outbreak of Measles In Minnesota in Nearly 30 Years

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The largest outbreak of measles is being seen in Minnesota in almost 30 years.

Young children of Somali immigrants who fell under the sway of anti-vaccination activists seem to be most affected.

 44 confirmed cases of measles have been reported since April 11, and the outbreak is the largest this year in the US. The disease had essentially been eradicated in 2000 before some research stoked fears of a link between vaccines and autism.

Since Thursday, 11 patients have been hospitalized. It is the largest outbreak in the state since 1990.

With the exception of an adult health care worker, all of the patients were children younger than 10. Most were under 5.

Measles, which may cause severe illness and death, is very contagious, spreading through the air after an infected person cough or sneezes.

It can not only pass through droplets in the air, but it can also linger.

Infected people are also able to spread measles before a rash of flat red spots develops.

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